9th August

9/08/2015-I decided to film another cloud piece…I feel I should be experimenting more when it comes to shot selection and subject - although this probably did not eventuate with the footage I gathered today. What I did experiment with was frame rate, and there is a big difference between 25fps and 60fps. In particular, with moving objects and panning, however, because my camera only does 720p HD at 60fps, I can’t discount that this has something to do with it. The difference between the two frame rates could also be described as, the 25fps has a filmic quality and the 60fps has a video/camcorder quality…what this means is when choosing a frame rate, treat it like a canvas. I filmed a little 'ident' piece whilst out too…this was a close-up shot of my eye and ear…a visual pun on audio-visual. I was going to wait and edit a new piece together later, however, once I started…I could not stop. This piece…titled Clouds 2 was edited in a loop style, which harks back to my original way of creating video art pieces - it also creates two different styles of video art. One is more filmic, the other more 'video art???' or perhaps 'painting like???'. I’m not sure which style I prefer, again it’s a 'canvas', and is something I need to be conscious of when making these pieces. For Clouds 2 I decided to take a shot from the first cloud piece, this is the lonely cloud filmed through the fence and loop it four times. I’m not sure why…just effect and trying to build the piece from nothing…to something. I’ve also inserted myself into this piece, this is because I am trying to convey the idea of looking into the clouds…although I’ve made a conscious decision to shoot myself from behind…this way I’m anonymous or it’s not about me but the viewer of the piece - I represent the viewer. Another 'painting lick' I’m experimenting with is speeding the clouds up, so the clouds appear to move or grow. It’s particularly effective near the end of Clouds 2, when a random person walks through the shot.  I’ve looped the shot twice and he appears to be a ghost - the clouds and sound reinforce this idea of a ghost. I’m becoming much better at the granular audio process - I almost have complete control. For this piece I wanted the audio to be somewhat quieter than in Clouds 1, although what I would have liked is some soft musical sounds - this is something I can achieve now because of the understanding I have of the granular process. Please see sidebar for video: Clouds 2    

Map of Filming Locations