17th August

17/08/2015-More filming of clouds, this time at sunset. I’ve realized what made earlier pieces work, and in particular the cloud shots was filming at sunset and in low-light. The shots I captured this evening are much better, and closer to what I want and see in my head. Although again, getting all the settings right on the camera is an issue. The editing of this piece was quick.  I’ve realized, because I am pushing both the camera and the Zoom's record button at the same time…in editing I can align the end of the video and zoom audio file. This in turn aligns the video and sound perfectly. Now I understand the camera settings, and am actively checking the camera and sound equipment before I leave to film these pieces - I find I have more time to set shots up in the field. Allowing me to test and correct exposure and contrast levels. This is the success of today’s filming. I also used the image stabilization function on the lens of the camera, and this steadied the pan shots. When editing the sound, I’ve figured out how to use the low-cut EQ curve better, to really clean-up any leftover wind artefacts not removed by the Zoom's on-board low-cut filter. This is allowing me to push the audio levels in post-production, so they’re very clear.  For the granular processing on this piece, I decided to experiment more, rather than using only one instance of granular synthesis - I used two. This allowed me to pitch certain parts of the audio in a musical way - although not completely successful, it adds colour to the dynamics of the audio. Please see sidebar for video: Clouds At Sunset.

Map of Filming Locations