8th August

8/8/2015-I’ve just realized I had the frame rate on the camera set wrong for Clouds 1. Rather than 50fps, I had it set to 30fps…this is probably why some of the pan shots seem a little jerky. I’ve started to investigate experimental film and video art in more depth. It’s made me think that I’m limiting myself, in regards to my ideas as to what I can achieve with my video art (I don’t like the moniker of video art…it seems outdated). I need to think further outside the box when it comes to the narrative and the types of images and shots I am collecting. I started thinking about a new piece based on the strip club opposite my front door. For this piece I want to collect a series of shots…probably all the same angle and position, but at different times during the week. I will then use a digital clock typeface…a bit like the show 24 (which I never watched ugh!) to situate the piece. Hopefully there will be enough dynamics for a piece to emerge, however, last night was very quiet so no footage was shot. I also decided to muck about with the cloud piece. I tried to add some ad-lib experimental guitar as a sound-track accompaniment - just for myself, however, nothing seemed to work, so I gave up. Finally, I managed to get a map out of Google Earth from the Google My Tracks app. I’ve also managed to add the photos taken simultaneously with the film footage. Please see side bar for video: Clouds 1

Map of Filming Locations