6th August

6/08/2015-After experimenting with the camera in low-light, (this was the previous night) which was to try and understand the exposure compensation function - unfortunately it only works in auto-mode…I believe I have enough understanding of the various functions on the camera to operate it professionally. This I tested today for the piece Clouds 1. I decided to scrap everything I filmed on the 4/08/2015, this was after I decided that I wanted the piece to be reflective of a particular moment…or set of moments in time. This meant I wanted the footage to be shot in the same light and colour spread across the day, although when I left home this morning at around 10:30, there weren’t many clouds. This changed as the day progressed, and even though I would have liked a greyer and moodier day, which seems to be a preference of mine…what I captured was equally stunning. This is because of my growing understanding of how to use various functions on the camera, for example, customizing the tone of the footage shot, which enhances the blues and greens via the setting Landscape, using the white balance in manual-mode, rather than in auto-mode, and controlling the amount of exposure manually via the aperture. I’ve also experimented with the digital zoom function on the camera, and to my surprise it was very effective - although it made keeping the shots steady and still difficult. It also made it harder to focus…I should have tried the mirror-lock function. This is something I will have to experiment with another time. I decided to use the low-pass filter and limiter on the Zoom recorder too…this is something I should have realized in the first place - rather than just relying on audio editing in the post-production stage…do some on location. Finally got the Google My Tracks app to work on my phone…unfortunately how to make it play on Google Earth is eluding me, but I have a map with photos - at least I have a record of my 10km walk to University today. After viewing the footage, I decided to edit the it together rather than wait till later. Since this was going to be a linear piece, I had already mapped out the shots in my head. After viewing the whole piece outside of Vegas, I noticed that there was probably more camera shake than I would have liked.  It is difficult to see the shake in editing, due to the small preview window. I’ve come to the realization that I have reached the limits of the technology I currently own - this is the camera and video editing software. I need to start investigating filters and devices to stop so much light getting into the camera, and I need to get a better tripod for panning shots and a better lens that isn’t so stiff would be good for zoom shots too. This piece was all about technical dexterity.  Whereas Home 1 was about control, Train Untitled was about getting a feel as to what I was doing, and Self-Portrait 1 was reacquainting myself with the camera. Technical dexterity literally means learning to use the camera and field recorder in such a way, post-production techniques are minimal e.g. video effects and filters. After I edited the piece together, and because I did not use video effects - I felt that the sound had to be really strong. I bounced out the edited stereo track, and placed this into the granular synth-then I started to read the instruction manual. This gave me some valuable insights on how to create a 'soundscape' type of sound, although I need to read this manual a few more times as I am creating these 'soundscapes'. This so I fully understand all the concepts. Whilst I was happy with the results, I felt that the piece was still hollow. Because I had decided not to use post-production tricks, I decided to experiment with another audio layer. I copied the main stereo audio file, and used an effect called - Harmonic Synthesizer this is part of Native Instruments-Guitar Rig VST. I actually don’t know much about this effect, it is something I need to probe because it created some lovely 'musical' textures and sounds - adding real grit when it was needed. Finally, I started investigating typefaces for the titles.