4th August

4/08/2015-Started filming Clouds 1 piece - this was after I had done some solid research on controlling the camera better. I had been using the movie function in auto-mode, and I wasn’t getting the depth of colour or the clarity I had previously been able to achieve. I had experimented with auto-mode and manual-mode before, but I wasn’t in control of manual- mode - this is when I decided to stick with auto-mode. After some solid reading, because I was not happy with the auto-mode results, I ascertained I needed a shutter speed of fifty for the PAL standard of 25fps (this is the double the frame rate rule). To control exposure, I needed to use the aperture function.  ’ve also started to investigate frame rate and why there are so many different standards-apparently when you want to slow and speed footage up, the higher the frame rate, the less noticeable blur, which is also the case with panning. I am going to continue investigating and experimenting with these concepts. I should have been setting the white balance manually too, this is rather than using the auto function again. These new discoveries excite me, and I believe I will get much better results because of this new understanding.