31st July

31/07/2015-More filming for Home 1, although I didn’t quite get the 'money' shot I was after. This was patrons spilling out of the club onto the street, however, I should be able to create a suitable ending. I’ve continued to read about different frame rates in regards to filming (this is something I need to experiment with to see which delivers the best outcome depending on the final format of the project) i.e. 'film', 'PAL' and 'NTSC'. This coupled with operating the camera (I’ve also been reading the Canon 600D instruction manual), understanding the different concepts within cinematography/photography, and mastery of these within the work I am doing is paramount.  This is because it possibly creates a point of difference between the work of artists also engaged in experimental film/video, and I want the films to look as beautiful as possible. The technical understanding and research of these concepts will be something I will discuss from now on in this diary.