27th July

27/07/2015-Continued filming Home 1. Editing of piece was almost completed. For Home 1, I was trying to capture the subtle beauty and horror of where I live (colours in the sky, clouds, noise and of course the strip club). I believe, if a person looks they will always find these things in and around their place of residence. I've been capturing footage for this piece over a longer period than Self Portrait 1 and Train Untitled. This was because I was hoping to capture some of the subtle cloud and lighting effects I see every day…unfortunately this idea did not really transpire, although there is the odd brush stroke here and there. I still have one more scene to capture, this is the spilling out of the strip club on a Saturday or Friday night, although I have some footage from the strip club already - it is not representative of the danger which the strip club poses. In editing I’ve started to realize when I shoot the film, I am editing the footage together (in my head) at the same time…this makes editing easier and quicker later on (it does get challenging though when you’ve shot 28 gig of footage). For this piece what I wanted to show was a day within my home environment (even though shooting was over a week long period). This was achieved by capturing the eerie quiet of pre-dawn…through the day, and into the pre-dawn again. This is becoming a 'brushstroke' on my canvas[1]…a way to tell a story, and anchor some of my pieces with a loose narrative. I’ve started to experiment with camera techniques, zooming and focus to expand my technical repertoire too, this is so I’m not always reliant on editing trickery. I must read a book on cinematography…although I think I’m alright at cinematography, but to have the language to describe the shots I am taking would be a bonus. I tried to keep editing trickery down to a minimal for this piece, however, as I was putting it together - it felt hollow in places. This piece in the end was all about control…adding small brushstrokes here and there, just to help the story along…control rather than throwing stuff at the canvas. For the sound I tried not to use the granular process, and tried to keep the audio as a clean as possible.  Unfortunately, that feeling of the piece being hollow was present again. When I did employ the granular synth effect on the whole edited audio file, or I used a small amount of delay…I did so with control. Again like the video editing filter effects. Control is the word for this piece. I feel like I’ve started to really master Vegas Video, although Vegas Video is based on an audio program (DAW), the program feels more like a painting program…the way you can edit the film, design filter effects are very natural and visual - it feels like painting (although I’ve only done minimal amount of painting…I know enough to understand the feeling). It is also helping that I’m starting to come up with a system to properly identify the video and audio I’ve recorded for later syncing.


[1] I’ve also started to include visual leitmotifs within certain pieces too.