18th July 2015

18/07/2015-As always, and by sheer chance-the coffee shop on the corner of my street was having some sort of Star Wars convention.  Although I want to capture the sound for this project at the highest quality-it was too good an opportunity not to start capturing some footage for the piece Home 1.  I will still be able to use the sound, but it will be used in a way that is low-fi.  One of the things I have to get right in the future is having the camera set up and ready.  Because I was testing the camera last night I didn’t have the frame rate correct.  Although I have investigated the idea of frame rate, I need to re-read this information to make sure I understand all the concepts.  I’ve also got to make sure I understand all the settings on the camera too.  I like the light and the colour which I capture to be as close to the conditions of the day I shoot.  Today it was gloomy, if you have the camera set up correctly, you can capture a beautiful blue-grey hue.  If the landscape is vivid in colour, you can set the camera to capture these colours too.   I understand how to do this, but when you are trying to capture a scene quickly…it can be quite easy to forget which setting to use.