14th of July 2015

14/07/2015-Had first “official” meeting with supervisor, he wants me to bring some new pieces to our next meeting.  I’ve got three ideas that came to me instantly!  The first was to film a piece in and around my home.  I live across the road from-I think the only strip club in town.  It’s an excellent scene to gather footage from, and in particular on a Friday or Saturday night.  I will have to think about how to capture this footage, because of the inherent risk of drunk men getting angry they’re being filmed.  I live on a major thoroughfare where there is a lot of different “traffic”.  All of which makes excellent viewing.  It will be important to capture all the different shades, which I see every day.  This is why I think home will make an interesting piece.  The second idea was the rail line, which runs into Newcastle.  I’ve walked to and from The University of Newcastle a number of times now, and what struck me was how beautiful the lines of symmetry are…you could peer down these lines-sometimes seeing into the heart of Newcastle.  The final idea came to me as our meeting finished.  When I asked my supervisor: “whether I could use my guitar in these pieces?”, to which he replied: “only if I am filming myself”.  I thought this would be a cheeky way to twist my supervisor’s directive…it also allows me to do in painting terms a self-portrait.  My supervisor’s directive on the audio was it had to be temporal.  He later clarified this as time based.  I would call it “soundscaping” with a twist-meaning the sound had to come from the area I was filming.  This provides an interesting challenge.  I have been reading stuff about why you should record at 96 kHz lately.  I will borrow a Zoom recorder off my second supervisor, this is to make sure the piece is of the highest quality and test this theory out.