26th October

26/10/2015-After hitting upon the idea I might be able to extract an image from the video paintings - to create a physical product which could be sold. I experimented and created a number of A4 photographic prints. Two were particularly striking, these were extracted from the 'impressionist' pieces. The two that weren’t as successful were from Industrial Sunset 2. More experiments are needed.

10th October

10/10/2015- Today I did some more experiments with frame rate. 

Movement 24 FPS

Movement 29 FPS

Movement 60 FPS

Please check quality settings when viewing this content. Although it's hard to tell because of Youtube's re-compression, you should be able to see the difference in the way the waves move between the difference frame rates. This I think shows that frame rate can be used as aesthetic choice. The next experiment will be with light and frame rate.

5th October

5/10/2015-I’ve figured out the difference between the two-pass switch, and the one-pass switch -this is in relation to the MPEG 4 encoder. Although it is slight in Impressionist 2 (Pink 1) - at 1:56 the street light turns on; with the one-pass switch selected the light isn’t as bright or beautiful looking. On the version with the two-pass switch on, the light looks much better. Although it is slight the difference is quite noticeable.  

4th October

4/10/2015-More experiments with MPEG 4 encoder. After doing more research on the subject, I realized I should have been using the two-pass switch. The MPEG encoder when the two-pass switch is connected, reads the video file before writing the video file. In one-pass mode it just writes the file. After looking at the two files - the first being a one pass and the second being a two pass - I can’t really see much difference. The two pass file is about one hundred megabytes more. More research needs to be done.     

18th September

18/08/2015-Some major breakthroughs last night in editing the sound and in rendering the video pieces. After almost two years of experimenting with RMix, which is a stereo processing plug-in by Roland, I’ve managed to make it work. This plug-in allows the user to clean wind, hiss and breathing from stereo audio files.

Using the above linear phase EQ, and setting it as a notch filter allowed me to get rid of about ninety percent of breath artefacts.

Using the above linear phase EQ, and setting it as a notch filter allowed me to get rid of about ninety percent of breath artefacts.

And finally using Sonar’s generic tape emulator set to 7.5ips, which dips the top-end of the stereo file, and allowed me to create what I consider a finished master. Although I would prefer to record all the audio at 96khz, and edit at 32 bit fp, which I can once I upgrade to the full version of Vegas Video - the results to my ears are nothing but spectacular. In mastering, now I’ve worked out how to set the compressor correctly - the overall audio level is much more even and this can be heard even on my laptop speakers. Finally, I have been experimenting with a stereo winding plug-in which anchors the right and left channel, and helps clearly define both channels.

I believe I’ve finally figured out the MP4 codec, which compresses the final video into a 'manageable' file for Youtube and general viewing. Perhaps, it should have been obvious, the MP4 codec and compression process was similar to the MP3 codec and compression process - it was because they use different languages to explain the same process. There are also extra processes to take into consideration. What I’ve discovered is by increasing the variable and average bit rate is amazing - the light is denser, and the colours shine. There is also less visible aliasing. Just like an MP3 codec the amount of 'important' data, which the codec believes can be kept and removed is interesting. Until you actually experiment you just don’t know what is being shaved off. Of course the trade-off is the size of the file, which for Abstract Sunset 1 is a file that is almost three gigabytes. 

When comparing the two versions for differences go to 4.06, 6.25, 8.10 mins. Although the differences are slight, they are noticeable. Because this project is about High Definition and quality...these subtle differences are important. Please also be aware, Youtube has re-compressed these videos, so it's more noticeable on the actual MP4 files.

Lower Quality 

Higher Quality

29th August

29/08/2015-After checking footage from yesterdays’ walk to uni, to make sure the sound was corrupted…it turns out it wasn’t. Sometime software does have glitches, however, when I put the industrial footage together, it turned out there was nothing of real value and use. Although I finished a piece, I will not render because it is plain ugly.