19th Jan

19/01/2016-Gosh went back and looked at Purple 2 to fix the bass issues in the audio, and the actual Vegas file was a bit of a mess.  I’m not sure what happened.  Purple 2 was done in the cut-down version of the software, so it might have been this.  I really wanted to get in there and fix the audio, so each finished piece for this project was at the highest standard.  Because Purple 2 was edited at 16 bit and at 48khz-it’s not the highest quality.  Semantics, I know…the audio is fine; however, I would have liked to have everything matching.  At least I can bounce the finished piece out, and render the video in the correct format.  I really like the material quality of this vid, even though it’s not 60 or 50fps…just the old standard of 24fps-the roughness suits the subject.  This is the art deco lamps, here in Newcastle.  I really need to get out and do those fps experiments.  Next month is the plan.