17th Jan

17/01/2016-And finally, after a week of trying to iron out the bumps within new video piece - I finally achieved it. It’s not perfect, a couple of the transitions still feel a bit heavy handed, but I’ve done everything I can. I have learnt a little more too. I feel I have mastered the transitions, and I’ve almost understand the masking technique, however, more reading is needed. I’ve also decided I needed to look at some of the other finished pieces. I am very happy with Pink 2-Abstract 1 and Blue 2-Moonbeam 1, however I felt I needed to fix the bumps in Blue 1-Fountain, and also tone the mids down within the audio for this piece. I will have to go back and fix Purple 2-Globes too. The sound is too bassy. I’ve also been wanting to experiment with a loop type of 'painting', when it came to me I could use some of the Yellow Spring footage. The bees, and there is one particular shot where the sun shining through the trees that creates a fractal pattern would be good to experiment with. I will start this tomorrow night.

Map of Filming Location