12th Jan

12/01/2016-After editing the main video last night roughly, including some of the audio; today I finished the audio editing and finished cleaning the video up. I’ve started to understand the masking process in Vegas, although I still need to do some reading on what all the different options mean and do. I am starting to push the limits of my system, pushing sometimes up to 3 or 4 gig of video and sound data through the computer is slowing the system down. In particular, it makes editing really hard because it slows the vision down and when you are trying to work out kinks…it’s very hard to nail where the exact spot is. As an example, they’re two very minor camera shakes in the finished video, they’re not huge but distracting in an otherwise amazing and perfect video. The issue is going back to fix these kinks will be hard, and do I bother? Particularly when it took over 3 hours to render the finished video. The audio for the video was spectacular, I’ve really taken some leaps and bounds when it comes to this part of the project. All the mixing and mastering I’ve been doing is paying off.  For this vid, I’ve layered up to 3 or 4 separate audio tracks - much like the video. After I joined all the audio together, I bounced this out as a stereo file for more processing in Sonar. In Sonar, I separated some of the more obvious sounds i.e. the thunder via R-Mix, and did some individual processing on these sounds. These complimented the stereo master. I also did a granular layer, and because I have a very good idea of how to use this synth now - the granular layer was gentle. I’ve then dropped all these sounds in and out of the final mix, creating a really cool final stereo master. I think I will try and iron out the visual kinks, because the piece is beautiful…and it will be even better if I can get rid of the kinks.