11th Jan

11/01/2015-Finally got off my arse and went out into the world to film. I’d planned this for a few days, as I had not done any practical work for a while. I kept missing beautiful colours and the right conditions, and I wasn’t going to miss out again. I’ve started to work out the weather and how to use the weather to predict the colours and light conditions. I knew tonight was going to be right, because tomorrow was going to be hot. This meant the sky would have apricot and orange hues with some blues. I also knew there would be some chance of cloud, and this meant it would add some variation to the finished work. It actually worked out even better than I had hoped, this was because there was a thunderstorm…if the footage is good - it will hopefully look spectacular. The problem was it rained and I had to put the camera away for 10 minutes while I waited for the rain to stop. This might mean the footage won’t layer properly.