26th Nov

Blue 2 (Moonbeam)

The rising full moon, a rose...symbols' of love and growing awareness.

26/11/2015-I’ve started to slow down in regards to the video work I am doing. After shooting Blue 2 (Moonbeam) last night, I felt it best to edit it today rather than push myself to complete piece right away. This gives me some time to think about the piece and what I am trying to achieve. After some reading, expanding the colour range in Vegas i.e. 8bit to 32bit is a viable technique, however, what I have read so far is confusing and more research is needed. For Blue 2 though, the effect was extraordinary…taking a very dull lifeless set of videos and vividly transforming the colours. I’m not sure if it is the new lens, or the lack of light, but the videos seemed a bit grainy. It may also be the expansion of the colour spectrum or frame rate, and this needs to be investigated as well. I’ve worked out a cleaner editing process, which is making editing much easier…I can actually follow the process and not get lost. This is the problem of having a small monitor, however, I am not in complete control of the layering technique, the masking options are great and are adding to and enhancing the video pieces - but I have no real idea what each of them do or how they work, again more research and experiments. I’ve taken the sound editing to another level now I have 96khz from start to finish - the audio is crisp and easy to sculpt. By using the first video layers’ sonics as the bed, I am able to blend the sound layers to cover any wind or noises that distract from the visuals. I now use five layers of sound to sculpt the final sonic layer. Layer one is the mostly untreated au natural layer - just some EQ and compression to get the level nice. This is generally done in Vegas using basic plug-in effects.  The second layer is slowed down in Reaper (DAW), using varispeed and imported into Sonar for further sculpting. For this piece I’ve cut out a sections of layer two and realigned the sounds. I’ve then fed these sounds into a convolution reverb that is has been reversed. The third layer is the first layer with a filter over the top and fed into a granular delay. The forth and fifth layer are sculpted using Padshop granular synth. These five layers allow me to mix the various sounds dropping them in and out, much like a DJ. For Blue 2, I start with just the first layer and slowly bring the third, fourth and fifth in as well-dropping the granular delay layer out once and building that layer back up. I also was able to drop the first clean layer out too, and to excellent effect - at the very end creating a climax in the sound. This is something I feel has been missing from the sound of previous 'finished' pieces…a sense of control and dynamics. The final slow backwards reverb sounds are amazing too. For me this is the best piece I’ve done for the project so far…it is the perfect blend of sound and vision and I’ve yet to fully understand all the various processes involved in video editing. I’ve still got to work out the camera properly too, and when I get the devices to control the sound I think this new digital retinal art will go to another level. Finally, the experiments I’ve been conducting in regards to 'wrong' shutter speed, colours and white balance are starting to create even more and exciting results. By understanding the 'rules', the 'rules' can be broken to change the notion of film style painting and create a new framework.    

Map of Filming Location