25th Nov

25/11/2015-Finally felt like trying out the new zoom lens I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to do a full moon piece for a while, and whilst the weather is warm - an evening shooting schedule is more practical. I felt Nessca Park where I’ve experimented with clouds and sunset before would be a good spot. This is because the park has old style lamps, which I use as an effect when the lamps come on, however, trying to get the rising moon and a lamp in shot was harder than I thought - because I had to guess the moon’s trajectory. I used the rose garden at the entrance of the park, and lined up a rose, the lamp and the moon. I’ve used roses before as a form of symbolism, but on this occasion because the colour and the light wasn’t quite right…the symbolism is probably lost. I’m still trying to master the new camera, which isn’t quite as movie friendly as the Canon 600d, because of this I’m not happy with the final colours, however, when I did Pink 1 I discovered by changing the colour range in Vegas - it enhanced the colour creating a watercolor effect… almost. This is something I will experiment with another time. I should have stuck with 24fps perhaps, rather than 30fps, because I felt it effected the colour and the light somewhat. I think for these low-light and low colour pieces, 24fps is better than higher framerates - although I’m not sure why. I really need to complete the experiments I have planned. I also experimented with colour profiles, shutter speed and white balance - trying to expand the palate. It will be interesting to see how and if I can use these pieces of film. I’ve got some new ideas about blending and looping pieces too, which need to be investigated. If I can, I will try and do another moon piece tomorrow…this time trying to use the yellow street lights and green leaves with the moon to see what effect I can create.